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Terms & Conditions

T's & C's

General Conditions on sale:

  1. Tender:
    • Quotations are subject to written confirmation by the seller after the confirmation of order
    • Quotations are valid for a period of 30days, after which they are subject to change.
  2. Prices:
    • All prices which are quoted are exclusive of V.A.T
    • Payment shall not be offset against or withheld on account due to any claims of the purchaser, unless the same are acknowledged by the Seller in writing
    • Should the Seller fail to pay for the service in full within the agreed time frame, the seller reserves the right to hold back any intellectual property of the purchaser until such a time as the account is settled
    • Accounts not paid within 30 days of receipt of statement shall bear interest at 2% above the prime overdraft rate.
  3. Delivery:
    • Dates of service delivery are approximate only and the purchaser shall not be entitled to cancel the contract of sale nor have any claim of whatsoever in nature against the Seller arising out of or flowing from delays in delivery, howsoever caused unless the contrary has been agreed upon in wiring and authorized by the responsible person
    • Notwithstanding any such contrary agreement, the Seller shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time to cover delays caused by fire, strike, tempest, Act of God, accident, malicious acts of a third party, civil or military authorities, insurrections or riots, railway embargoes, lock out, breakdown of machinery, delay in delivery of materials by any third party beyond the Seller’s control
    • Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the certificates have been sent to the customer via fax. Original certificates will be posted or may be collected by the client
  4. Performance and Guarantee:
    • The Seller guarantees quality and accuracy in all work that is carried out. Any deviations to this will result in an amendment and correction at no additional cost to the customer provided that sufficient material is left over for the samples to be re-machined according to specification. Should there not be sufficient material, the purchaser must resupply the sample and the purchaser is liable for this cost

    The above mentioned warrantee shall not be applicable if any one or more of the following events occur:

    1. If the purchaser fails to report the error to the seller in writing within 14 days of the specific delivery
    2. If the purchaser fails to fulfill any of their obligations with respect to the contract of sale contract
    3. If the purchaser fails to grant the Seller adequate time and opportunity to carry out all work which the seller may deem necessary
    4. If the error is due to the purchaser not supplying the correct or all the necessary information
  5. Cancellation:
    • Notwithstanding anything herein before contained, should the Purchaser breach any of the terms and conditions of the contract (whether material or not) and fail to remedy such breach within 10 days of dispatch of written notice requiring him so to do, or should a Provisional Order of Sequestration or Liquidation or should Default Judgment be obtained against the Purchaser, the Seller shall have the right, notwithstanding any previous waiver, to claim payment of the full balance then owing by the Purchaser or to cancel the contract, retain all monies paid, take repossession of all goods delivered without prejudice to any claim for damages
  6. Jurisdiction:
    • If any dispute or difference of any kind whatsoever shall arise between the Seller and the Purchaser in connection with, or arising out of the enforcement or cancellation of the contract the Witwatersrand Local Division of the Supreme Court of South Africa shall have exclusive jurisdiction, provided that where the amount involved falls within the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court the parties shall have an election also to proceed in the Magistrate’s Court Johannesburg. No other Court shall have jurisdiction to hear any claims or disputes.