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03 July 2012 – Quality Manual was handed over to the SANAS at the premises of the DTI with the following disciplines being identified for SANAS Accreditation:

  1. Tensile testing to ISO 6892 Method A and B
  2. Bend testing
  3. Hardness testing (HB, HR and HV methods)
  4. Impact testing (at elevated and low temperature)
  5. Macro Evaluation
  6. Chemical Testing According to OES (Spectrographic)
  7. Microstructural Evaluation
  8. Heat Treatment

17 August 2012
 – SANAS Approved our Quality Manual. The full Audit is scheduled for the last quarter of 2012.

08 November 2012 – 
SANAS Audit took place with the outcome being that MTL was recommended to receive the SANS 17025:2005 Accreditation for all of the disciplines that it had applied for.

04 December 2012
 – MTL received the official documentation as proof of its accreditation.

July 2013 – MTL added additional Technical Signatories to its accreditation schedule

July 2014 – MTL extended its scope as per points 1-8 above and added an additional 2 Technical Signatories to its accreditations schedule.

August 2014 – Extension of scope and approval of additional technical signatories approved by SANAS

The Management of MTL is in constant communication with SANAS representatives as to ensure that the qualification based on audited findings is implemented as quickly and as smoothly as possible to give customers the added confidence in the results which MTL produces.

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